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You've certainly noticed that this is not an English version of our official website. Truth be told, we have not yet managed to find the time to set it up. But we'd still like to provide some information about our association and what we do. For now, we’d like to share some basic facts, explain our philosophy and highlight some of the benefits of membership.

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Tanya Quintieri

Board member


  • Founded in November 2011 in Erfurt, Germany
  • Based in Berlin
  • Strong presence on social media
  • Open to professional translators who do not have a degree in translation 


  • Nearly 180 members
  • Membership fees starting from 78 Euro per year (for students, 104 Euro for regular members)
  • Six Advisory Board members from different walks of life to provide valuable insight

Our philosophy and the values we stand for

The DVÜD e. V. advocates the interests of professional translators and interpreters in the Federal Republic of Germany. Among other missions, our goal is to achieve the general recognition that both professions require the highest levels of competence and education. For this reason, the DVÜD e. V. is committed to ensure that both occupational titles will be protected in the Federal Republic of Germany. In addition, the interests of both professions will be lobbied for, with the purpose of raising public awareness in the economic arena.

Our mission is to...

  1. Promote awareness of the translator and interpreter professions to the German industry and economy, citing their importance to Germany as a business location. 
  2. Augment the understanding of the services performed and the problems that these professions carry with them.
  3. Create greater transparency throughout the market, for both clients and contractors.
  4. Build a network to serve as a point of contact for both sides.
  5. Combat below average rates.

Benefits of Membership

  • Our members are listed in a directory
  • Young colleagues are offered mentoring
  • Discounts on webinars and workshops
  • Special offers from our partners
    (insurance, software, webdesign, hotels etc.)
  • Free legal documents (various contracts, general terms and conditions, disclaimers and more)
  • Forum, regulars' tables, exchange
  • ...and much more!

Benefits for Buyers

A major, obvious benefit offered to buyers of language services  is that they can use our directory to find a translator or interpreter. Further, even if a certain language is not offered by any of our listed members, we are very well connected to some of the largest translator networks in Europe.

We also offer advice for anything related to working with translators and interpreters - from planning your translation projects to creating synergies between experienced professionals (a combined experience which amounts to several hundred years!). Our members and the Board will be more than glad to offer their expertise!

Contact us

Please visit our website at www.dvud.de/kontakt if you would like to get in touch.

Alternatively, call us on +49 (0) 30 8876 4507.


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